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Due to other work commitments,
I am unable to take bookings at present.


Jack O’Neill

Regular massage therapy treatments can help to reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

With HOLMAS, a consultation prior to your treatment will ensure that the massage is suited to your particular needs, whether they are to ease those aching muscles or simply to relax and de-stress.

The HOLMAS logo is the ancient symbol of the ‘Staff of Asclepius’ found in ancient Greek sanctuaries of healing, health and well-being.  People came to re-balance their minds and bodies as it was believed that health and well-being are affected by multiple  social, environmental, psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical interactions. These sanctuaries, known as Asclepions, were dedicated to the god Asclepius, the son of Apollo.

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At HOLMAS, inspired by the ancient Greek Asclepion sanctuaries, you will find a peaceful environment where treatments can relax muscle tension, release the stress of daily life and help to restore the balance of your body both physically and emotionally.

Re-balance your mind and body with Holmas